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by The Alliance of Global Sindhi Associations!

We have been connecting Sindhi singles and families for matrimony for over 25 years through the Sindhi
Sammelan. We are now proud to introduce a new way to connect you with your soulmate.

Milan is not just another dating/matrimony website. Milan is a community of Sindhi singles and families
connecting through an extended network for matchmaking purposes.

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How it Works in Four Steps


To start things off, you will set up an online profile to share more about yourself and what you are seeking in a life partner. By registering with Milan, you are also gaining access to the Alliance of Global Sindhi Associations and the global Sindhi community to broaden your network and increase your chances of finding a life partner.


Your profile will be reviewed for completeness in accordance with our terms and conditions.


You will search for potential partners using various search criteria. In order to maintain a standard of quality, this feature will only be available to paid members.


You may connect with potential partners directly by expressing interest or by emailing them using a built-in email feature.

About Us

Milan is not just another dating platform. Milan is a community of single Sindhis and families connecting through an extended network for matrimonial purposes.

The goal of Milan is to provide an easily accessible platform for serious-looking Sindhi singles to connect with their community and increase their chances of finding a life partner. We understand there are multiple platforms that provide such services, but we hope that Milan gives you the tools you need to look to your community for help in your search.

Milan was created for Sindhis, by Sindhis! Several generations of Sindhis have been involved in the creation of Milan in order to bring you a truly exceptional experience and connection to your community.


Milan is sponsored by The Alliance of Global Sindhi Associations (AGSA).

AGSA was founded in 1989 with the goal to build and sustain a global Sindhi community by promoting our language, history, culture, and literature.

For the past 25 years, AGSA has hosted the Sindhi Sammelan as an annual opportunity for the Sindhi community to come together, to celebrate the Sindhi culture, enable members to expand their network, as well as connect families for matrimonial purposes. The Sindhi Sammelans have taken place globally, from North America all the way to Asia.

To celebrate its 25th annual silver jubilee anniversary, AGSA decided to renew its commitment to connecting Sindhis around the world, and is proud to bring you Milan, a new way to allow single members to search for their life partner.

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